Nephron Plus
Papers & Events
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The project was presented or published papers in the following events:

  1. 39th EDTNA/ERCA conference (Sept 18-21 2010, Dublin, Ireland)
    Frank Simonis (NANO) presented: "Nanodialysis innovations for the future – the Wearable Kidney".
  2. ISBP conference (Sept 24-26  2010, Los Angeles, USA)
    Frank Simonis (NANO) presented: "The iNephron+ initiatives".
  3. World Conference on portable-wearable and miniaturized systems for dialysis and ultra-filtration (Sept 30 - Oct 2 2010, Vicenza, Italy)
    Frank Simonis (NANO) presented: "The iNephron and Nephron+ projects"
    D. Falkenhagen (KREMS) presented: "Nanostructured microparticles in extracorporeal adsorption therapy: potential for miniaturization"
  4. CPMNS'11 (Feb. 23-24 2011, Bremen, Germany)
    Lukas Pielawa (OFFIS) presented: "Virtual Prototype of a Personal Medical Device – Simulation of a Multi Nature System"
  5. ASIM-Konferenz STS/GMMS 2011 (Feb. 24-25 2011, Krefeld, Germany)
    Maher Ali Fakih (OFFIS) presented: "Simulink and Virtual Hardware Platform Co-Simulation for Accurate Timing Analysis of Embedded Control Software"
  6. Euromat 2011 ((Sep 12-15 2011, Montpellier, France) 
  7. F. Mittler, J. Fils, F. Navarro, F. Vinet, G. Marchand (CEA): "Integration of biocompatible ion-selective electrode into a wearable artificial kidney device for the monitoring of blood electrolytes"
  8. Pan European Workshop on the medical uptake of the mobile Health solutions (Dec 5th, 2011, Brussels, Belgium)
  9. Andreas Raptopoulos (EXODUS) presented NEPHRON+ project and participated at the round table discussion
  10. BMT 2011 (Sep 28-30, Freiburg, Germany)
  11. Lukas Pielawa (OFFIS) presented paper prepared by L. Pielawa, M. Brell, A.Hein (OFFIS): "Online Adaptive Physiological Models for Dialysis Therapy"
  12. ESAO 2011 &IFAO 2011 (Oct 8-12, 2011, Porto Portugal)
  13. Frank Simonis (NANO) presented a paper with title: "Nephron+ wearable artificial kidney"
  14. MfN (Dutch Federation of Nephrology (Oct 7th, 2011, Utrecht, Netherlands)
  15. Maarten Wester (UMCU) gave a presentation co-prepared with F. Simonis (NANO), J. Kooman (UMCU), J. Joles (UMCU): "Tests with novel absorbents in vitro".
  16. IEEE Sensors 2011 (Oct 28-31, 2011, Limerick, Ireland
  17. Arjen Boersma (TNO) presented a paper with title: "Solid-state potentiometric biosensors for pH quantification in biological samples".
  18. 4th International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies (Oct 26-29, 2011, Barcelona, Spain)
  19. Lukas Pielawa (OFFIS) presented a paper with title: "Intelligent Environments supporting the Care of Multimorbid patients"
  20. ASN Renal Week (Nov 10-13, 2011, Philadelphia, USA)
  21. Maarten Wester (UMCU) presented the work prepared with F. Simonis, J. Kooman, J. Joles : "Tests with novel absorbents in vitro"
  22. MedTech Europe (Mar 13-15, 2012, Stuttgart, Germany)
  23. Lukas Pielawa (OFFIS) organised a hand-on exhibit of a dummy wearable Artificial Kidney to demonstrate the application.
  24. 6th Simulation workshop (SW12) (Mar 27-28, 2012, Worcestershire, UK)
  25. Frank Poppen and Kum Gruettner (OFFIS) presented a paper with title: " Co-simulation of C-based SOC simulators and MATLAB Simulink"
  26. SASIMI 12-Workshop on Synthesis and System Integration of mixed Information technologies (Mar 18-19, 2012, Beppu Jappan)
  27. Andreas Burger (OFFIS) presented a paper with authors: S. Laemmermann, L. Pielawa, A. Burger, J. Schlemminger, A. Hein, J. Ruf, T. Kropf, W. Rosenstiel: "Heterogeneous Assertion-based verification for Medical Devices development" 
  28. Local Industry-meets-research symposium (Feb 22, 2012, Bremen, Germany)
  29. L. Pielawa (OFFIS) gave a presentation with title: "Vision meets competence" (in german)
  30. A paper was presented during 7th International Conference on Communications, Electromagnetics and Medical Applications (CEMA '12) with title "NEPHRON+: ICT-enabled Wearable Artificial Kidney and Personal Renal Care System"
  31. Maarten Wester (UMCU) at the WKD 2013 explaining the Nephron+ wearable artificial kidney, attached to the mannequin.